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Wrestling /Speed / Strength Training

Our Youth Wrestling Speed/Strength Combo focuses on increasing speed, endurance and explosive power.  This additional training combined with our wrestling program, is our competitive edge over our opponents. You can have the best technique in the world, but if you can't perform in a fatigued state, YOU LOSE.

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  • CLUB Wrestling COMBO

    Every month
    YOUTH 8-12yrs old
    Valid for 4 months
    • 12 wrestling / 8 speed/strength
  • H.S. Wrestling COMBO

    Every month
    CLUB or In Season HIGH SCHOOL
    • 8 wrestling / 8 speed/strength

AGES 8-12 yrs old
JR Speed - Mon or Wed 6:00 PM
Wrestling - Tues/Thurs 6:30PM 

AGES 13-18 yrs old
Elite Speed -  MON  7:00 PM or WED 8:00PM
Wrestling - TUES/THURS 6:30PM 

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